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Active Ingredient (with Fenbufen)
Available Forms (with Fenbufen)
Brand Name Listings (contains as active ingredient with local/native names)
1 Ireland lederfen cp tabs 300 mg
2 lederfen tabs 300 mg
3 lederfen tabs 450 mg
4 Poland fenbufen tabl. 0,3 g
6 United Kingdom Fenbufen 300mg capsules
7 Fenbufen 300mg tablets
8 Fenbufen 450mg tablets
9 Lederfen 300mg capsules
10 Lederfen 300mg tablets
11 Lederfen 450mg tablets
If you cannot find a price for an item that is listed above but you cannot see any price; it is mostly because the drug was improved for a particular country, but the prices is not set yet or not supplied by the govermental agency.