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Please keep in mind some that smaller markets do not publish manufacturer data, yet.
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Argentina monthly  
Australia 11/01/2012 weekly   (beginning of each month)
Austria 02/01/2010 monthly  
Belgium 11/01/2012 monthly   (beginning of each month)
Brazil weekly  
Canada Ontario 05/19/2011 monthly  
Canada Quebec 11/01/2012 monthly  
China weekly  
Czech Republic 05/01/2009 quarterly  
Denmark 02/24/2011 daily   (when available - avg every 2-3 business days)
FDA Drugs 09/01/2011 weekly   (every Wednesday evening (per FDA))
FDA Orange Book 09/21/2011 usually monthly   (Last FDA approval date: 09/13/2011)
FDA/US Nat'l Drug DB 04/02/2011 monthly   (usually at end of month)
Finland 01/01/2010 quarterly  
FranceTheriaque 01/01/2012 monthly  
FranceVidal monthly  
GermanyIFAP 11/15/2012 monthly  
GermanyGelbe-Liste 07/31/2012 monthly   (monthly)
Greece 12/29/2009 monthly   (raw data only; not integrated yet)
Hungary 01/01/2010 quarterly  
India monthly  
Ireland 01/01/2010 quarterly  
Israel monthly  
ItalyFarmadati 10/16/2009 monthly  
ItalyAgenzia Italiano del Farmaco 01/30/2012 monthly  
Japan 04/01/2010 weekly  
Latvia 01/01/2010 monthly  
Lithuania 09/01/2009 every six months  
Malaysia 06/01/2009 quarterly   (for the time being raw data only)
Netherlands weekly  
New Zealand 03/01/2009 monthly  
Norway 08/01/2009 montly  
Poland 04/01/2009 every six months  
Portugal weekly  
S. Korea 09/06/2011 quarterly   ( Raw data only; not integrated yet)
Slovakia 01/01/2009 once a year  
Slovenia 04/01/2009 once a year  
Spain 03/01/2012 monthly   (prices frozen per ministry)
Sweden 01/20/2011 daily   (when available - avg every 3-4 business days)
Switzerland 05/01/2010 monthly  
Turkey 11/23/2012 weekly   (every friday)
United Kingdom 11/19/2012 weekly   (every monday)
USABlue Book / Average 09/06/2012 monthly  
USAVA / FUL / Big Four 07/21/2011 monthly  
We are diligently working on linking all the existing data primarily on Active Ingredients (and ATC Codes). However this turned out to be a monumental and a very time consuming task. In the meantime, you can view the original data with some basic translations to English: Raw Data   * new *
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Recent Government Bulletins on Pricing
Greece Bulletin - May 19, 2010   Greece VAT Rates/Press Release - May 12, 2010   Bulletin by Italian Government - June 15, 2010 Portugal: Current Filing Fees - April 2006
While we are completing all the programming, data cleansing and linking tasks, there may be some missing data due to known linking issues or from the source itself.
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