zenRx Research is a non-profit research/IT project that is initiated by current and former IT Professionals who did some serious time in major international pharmaceutical companies, both in USA and Europe.
Our goal is to provide the best and only international pharmaceutical pricing database in a shape and form that is most beneficial to Pharmaceutical Companies. The data we compile is usually very difficult to find, translate, link and display from dozens of sources. We believe that our services will be significant contribution to lowering the Marketing/Approval costs for providers of Pharmaceutical products and Consulting companies; thus, eventually will lower the cost of medication and healthcare on a global basis.
Having an accurate, up-to-date pricing landscape is an essential part of building a pricing and market access strategies for your brands. zenRx offers a comprehensive global pricing database that allows you to build a pricing landscape in multiple dimensions: by product across countries, by therapeutic areas within a country or across countries, by cost metric.
zenRx covers the major pharmaceutical markets as well as an increasing number of European and emerging markets. Ex-factory prices reflect the real-time publicly available prices in each market for all available SKUs. Label dosing and WHO DDD are used to calculate daily cost, monthly cost and treatment cost.
zenRx global pricing database's unique standardized open structure allows you to build pricing feeds that can be easily integrated with your internal pricing database. Alternatively, the built-in graphing capability will allow you to generate quick pricing landscape charts that can be easily imported into your presentations.
Our Offices are located at beautiful Cambridge, MA and we can be contacted at info@zenRx.org    (617) 650-2233